Earth Monuments
From the people For the people

The goal is to create monuments across the world. All representing the progress of humanity and life itself. But hold on, that is not the only goal. It's the worlds most durable and sustainable project ever imagined. Not only will we use durable, reusable and environmental friendly building materials. Also we will make sure that it will be build by those seeking to get a job, gain experience and get a fair wage. An honest way to build a fair building from the people for the people.

Mission Statement
Our mission statement is making an accessible monument, representing humanity and life itself. This monument will be build on an environmental friendly manner. The building will be able to last for centuries using roman techniques and will withstand natural hazards. The building will be an addition to the landscape and its surroundings.

Our vision is to create in total 7 monuments all across the world. Each representing the progress of the world, but also local features and new features per monument to make each unique.

Our current activities are based on raising funds for this cause.
On top of that we seek volunteers, many people willing to add a stone to the foundation of setting up this project.
Engineers, architects, builders, designers, landscapers, painters, artists, botanists, administration and much more.
Of course, everyone contributing, whether it's with money or effort, will be added to the monument. We plan to make 1 section dedicated to those willing to help to set up this project. We will give all people who helped 1 tile to draw/write on whatever they wish to.

We already have a piece of property which we are capable of transforming to our desire.